Sunset Tunes

Peter Redpath, Sanibel, FL

Peter has been playing music since the late 1960's, up and down the East Coast,  in bands, duos and solo acts . His influences include country, folk and rock with strong focus on melody and story telling.  Come out and stop thinking about anything but great feelings, with me, my guitar and on occasion, some back tracks.  Back tracks have been inspired by my band mates over the years, Mark Mayfield (guitar), Tom Sopchak (bass), BIll Monroe (percussion), Barry Carson (keys) and Malcolm Walsh (keys and guitar).  Special thanks to the many other people who helped expand my love of harmonies Nikki Matheson, Krissy Kelly and Carolyn Schleicher.  All things happen for a reason.  

Memorial Day 2016 at the Duck..what a country we live in.  Grateful for our servicemen and each day I am here.  

"I'm not the kind to be impressed with the artists or anything like this but your voice and your charisma, really touched my heart.  Sometimes people sing well, but is not the same when somebody put his soul in every song. "   Ileana Fernandez  (Mucky Duck patron, memorial day 2016)

Music is a powerful thing...

 The Mucky Duck, Captiva, FL